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Passionate About Our Missions! 

TSDI Enrichment Programs, Inc., established in 2009, Provides Funds for Economic Relief; Funds On-Line, Interactive/Live Classroom Training; Awards college scholarships; and Funds Enrichment Programs for Children and adults.

College Scholarships:

Enrichment Scholarships are offered to graduating high-school seniors yearly.​  Projects to raise funds include community events, partner programs, and donations.

Graduation Ceremony
Funds for Donation:

TSDI Enrichment Programs, Inc., raises funds to donate to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital through community events.​

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Enrichment Programs:

TSDI Enrichment Programs, Inc.,

-Funds Enrichment Programs for Chidren and Adults;

-Funds On-Line, Interactive/Live Classroom Training

  via the "No -Child Left Behind" Program;

-Provides funds to families during economic crisis.


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